Formatting USB Flash Drive

Command prompt;
DISKPART>list disk
Microsoft DiskPart version 6.1.7600
Copyright © 1999-2008 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: CEWSAU-10001
Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
——– ————- ——- ——- — —
Disk 0 Online 68 GB 0 B
Disk 1 Online 465 GB 9 MB
Disk 2 Online 465 GB 1024 KB
Disk 3 Online 596 GB 0 B
Disk 4 Online 59 GB 0 B
Disk 5 No Media 0 B 0 B
Disk 6 No Media 0 B 0 B
DISKPART> sel disk x
"X = the number of your USB drive, make sure you select the right drive"
Disk x is now the selected disk.
Now you can create a new partition from either disk manager or from diskpart using the following commands.
DISKPART> create partition primary
DISKPART> format fs=fat32
DISKPART> assign
You should now have a new clean fat32 partition on the USB drive that takes up the total capacity of the drive.

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